Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker

Rush Poker is Full Tilt Poker’s brand new take on online poker. Players can see hundreds of poker hands per hour in this latest innovation in online poker. If that isn’t enough, players can play multiple tables of Rush Poker. It is, without a doubt, the most exciting poker game on the Internet today.

Putting Rush Poker into words is very difficult to do and the best way to understand the game is by playing it. However, we’ve attempted to describe the excitement.

The Rush Poker experience begins with the search for a table. Players may choose from full-ring and six-max with tables at all stakes from $0.02/$0.05 to $1/$2. Rush Poker players are not limited to Texas Holdem as they may also play Rush Poker on Omaha Hi tables. Players are then added to a pool of other players playing the same game of Rush Poker. Players in the player pool are brought together at random to create tables.

Players that just open up their Rush Poker tables must post the big blind. Preflop cards may be folded immediately after receiving them using the “Quick Fold” button or they may wait for the action to come to them. The core component of Rush Poker is seen at this moment. After folding hole cards, players need not watch the entire hand play out; they are immediately brought to a new Rush Poker table with random Rush Poker players. You can cycle through many hands in a matter of seconds!

With this variation of poker being so different than regular online pokers, there are some modifications that Full Tilt Poker had for Rush Poker. The first change was in how multiple tables are played.


Rush Poker tables are created in such a way so that players may not sit with themselves. As tables are randomized, other players also multi-tabling may have varying stacks. This happens when players are seated with another player’s multiple table entries. Another change from regular tables to Rush Poker tables is the way in which the big blind is decided. The player who has gone the longest at a table without paying the big blind must pay the big blind. All other positions are randomized.

There are a number of advantages to playing Rush Poker. The large number of hands per hour translates to more Full Tilt Points per hour which further translates to completing the daily Iron Man Challenge faster.   It also means you can earn the Full Tilt bonus much faster.  By seeing hundreds of hands per hour, new players can quickly learn how to play poker. Howard Lederer states, “Rush Poker is a great way to learn the game of poker.” Try Rush Poker today and share the excitement that only Full Tilt Poker can bring!

And now Rush Poker is available on your mobile device!

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