Full Tilt Edge Rewards

The Full Tilt Poker Edge Loyalty program provides some of the best benefits in online poker. With realistic requirements and player-friendly status levels, Edge promises to have exciting rewards for players of every sort. If you’re looking to gain the Full Tilt Edge, ramp up your play and reap your benefits.

How it Works

The Edge program has three status levels – Edge, Edge Plus, Edge Prime – that are reached by earning a required number of average FTPs a day, over a specified period. A more traditional way of thinking about it may be to multiply the number of days required by the number of points in the average, that way you have a good sense of your objective. Status levels depend on rolling averages, which is fair for everybody. If you play regularly, then you’ll probably reach your Edge status easily. If you only play sparingly, then you may need to play longer to maintain the average, but it is still possible.


Edge is the first and easiest level to reach, only requiring 80 FTPs over a rolling 30 days.

Most players could do that in their sleep.

As you commit to a longer average period, the requirements lessen. Since it’s a rolling average and not a daily requirement, you really can tailor your status pursuits to your own playing style. Status levels can be earned based on your performance in two different time intervals: 30 days and 100 days.

While it may appear every time interval is not available for every stake, remember, since this rewards program is uniquely based on averages, you can earn your points at any rate you wish. So, if you wanted to go all out and earn Platinum in only 7 days, you would need to reach the required 30 day average of 4,500 FTPs in those days!

For another example, the Bronze status level requires 80 points per day over a 30-day average. In this case, you could earn 2400 points in a day and be done! Or you could earn 7,000 FTP’s and be good for the next 100 days!

All of these meet the required rolling averages, but appeal to a different sort of player.

Maintaining Your Status

Players simply need to maintain whatever rolling average they qualified with, or another qualifying average. Failure to do so results in a drop in status to the next level below, until your average is not longer worthy of any status level.

Edge Player Rewards

-Edge-only multi-table tournaments are available as soon as you reach Edge status. The two tournaments have a set prize pool of 500 tournament dollars each and have a buy-in of FTPs. Edge players are also eligible for two exclusive Sunday freerolls, with up to $2,000 in prizes.

-Weekly cash payments are available to Edge players. Players are paid directly and receive points based on the stats level they hold.


Edge status earns $1/100 FTPs earned during any period, while Edge Plus gets a little better deal at $1.50/100 FTPs earned. Edge Prime status level players earn $2/100 FTPs. Rewards are calculated based on the status level at which they are earned.

For example, a player who just earned Edge status and wants to go for Edge Plus. If they earn 2400 FTPs in the next 30 days, they’ll be paid $24 in rewards automatically, and then make even more in rewards as they earn more points at the higher status!

Players get to keep all of the FTPs they earn as well, which can be used to purchase tournament tickets and items in the Full Tilt Store. You are also free to spend points while earning them without affecting your Edge Reward.

-The Diamond Edge Store is an exclusive benefit of Diamond status Full Tilt players. In that special store, players can purchase special cash bonuses and buy private items.

Earning Full Tilt Points

Earning FTPs is relatively simple, as they are earned based on the amount of rake or tournament fees you pay in order to play on Full Tilt Poker. For cash games, percent of rake you contribute to the total rake determines the percent of FTPs you’re awarded. If 20 FTPs are awarded total, and you pay 5% of the rake in the hand, you will be given 1 FTP. If you do not contribute rake, you cannot earn FTPs. For tournaments, every dollar in fees earns you 10 FTPs. So playing a $200 + $16 buy-in tournament nets you 160 FTPs!

Full Tilt Welcome Package

When you deposit at Full Tilt Poker you’ll receive a substantial welcome package! This will include:

-A 100% deposit bonus, good for up to $600 over your first three deposits.

-A $2.25 tournament ticket and 10 $50K freeroll tickets!

-A free FlopTurnRiver.com Strategy eBook, FlopTurnRiver.com Forum Qualified Member Status and be entered into a weekly FTP gear drawing!

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